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The Fine Art Of Driving Customers Away

So, how many of you are interested in driving your customers to your competition? What, no hand raised? There must be someone that's actually interested in driving customers to their competitors.

When I think about all the stories I've heard and experiences I've had with truly abysmal customer service I can only conclude that there are a large number of business people that really do want to drive their customers away. That's good news for the rest of us that are actually trying to attract and retain customers.

This book is to help prevent you from inadvertently falling into the former group.

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Glenn Boyles Big Home Improvement Book

Glenn Boyles, "America's Voice of Home Improvement" will help you understand the basics of home improvement.

He not only helps you understand the basics, but he helps you understand the myriad of options you have available as you work to improve your home. This is not a book about how to do home improvements, it's a book about exploring your options and getting the best price and finished job in every facet of home improvement.

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